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A Speech and Language Screening Toolkit

WellComm is a speech and language toolkit that contains play based activities. Practitioners can quickly and easily assess and identify whether or not support is needed.

All children entering pre-school are assessed to establish a baseline. Usually this happens within the first half term of them starting.

Timely action

WellComm comes with The Big Book of Ideas, a collection of over 1,000 play-based activities, effective in meeting the individual needs identified during the assessment process.  It offers invaluable support in deciding how best to address areas that may require improvement, for example through focused questions, story time or play based learning.

Being able to offer practical help to children straight away is fantastic. We can also re-screen to check they are progressing. 

Results are shared with parents/carers via Tapestry.

Benefits of WellComm 

• Helps to quickly identify if any additional help is needed for speech and language delays.
• The Big Book of Ideas ensures resources are readily available to move children forward.
• Traffic light system means it is easy to spot where children are struggling and monitor progress.
• Shows ways of developing the curriculum to support speech, language and communication in a meaningful way through an increased awareness of children’s needs.

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